Our Music

From folk and roots to rock, these are the albums we've worked on, and our influences.

Sail Pattern | Desperate Times | Hold Fast | Influences

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Sail Pattern

Released May, 2016

Our latest album will be released May 2016. Recorded at Rockfield Studios, Monmouth, in September 2015, we can't wait to show you what we've been doing. Sign up for early access to get a sneak preview of what we've been working on!

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Desperate Times

Released August 8, 2013


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Hold Fast

Released March 3, 2011


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Our Influences

We've been influenced by a huge variety of bands and musical styles. Some shine through in our music, some show themselves in our approach to gigs, some can be seen in our DIY approach!


Led Zeppelin

We grew up listening to Led Zeppelin, and we used to cover Rock and Roll in our first ever band. We love riffs, and Jimmy Page was a key Knight of the Riff Table.

Fleetwood Mac

We love their sound, their songs and their energy! We probably listened to Rumours in the womb and it's had an impact on our songwriting ever since.

The War On Drugs

The soundscapes that they create are awesome and remind us of our favourite films like Bladerunner. They're progressive and modern, but with an authenticity to their sound.

Dire Straits & Mark Knopfler

Knopfler is the king of guitar feels and tone. His songs taught us a lot about telling stories and musically, Mark Knopfler's solo work has a great balance of acoustic and electric sounds.

Foo Fighters

Along with Nirvana, Foo Fighters prove that heaviness is relative, whilst songwriting is absolute. Dave Grohl's music has been a soundtrack to our teenage years, so we couldn't leave them off a list like this!

Punk and Post-Hardcore


Their sense of melody and harmony, maybe even their plaid shirts, have worked their way into our music. Their Death Letter EP is a really atmospheric set of songs.

Bad Religion

Great songwriting, incredible backing harmonies and sheer energy make them a big influence. Catchy songs with meaning are few and far between, but Bad Religion nail it.

Rise Against

Going from acoustic songs to out-and-out breakdowns, Rise Against have been a long-time favourite of ours. Swing Life Away was the soundtrack to many a jam session at university.


Throughout our albums, you can hear the occasional sound inspired by Thrice. Their Artist in the Ambulance album is a firm favourite.

Roots and Traditional

Great Big Sea

A massive influence on early Sail Pattern music. Great Big Sea mix traditional music and pop to create upbeat, harmony-filled tunes.

Show of Hands

Proving that British folk music can weave great songwriting, experimental sounds and a wide range of styles, Show of Hands are an inspiration.

Jim Moray

We love his melodic style, coupled with fairly technical use of interesting time signatures. He's fantastic at picking out the key elements of folk songs and cranking up the epic factor.


Another band that mixes rock and traditional sounds in a sweet way! Levellers and Oysterband are both a factor in our sound, quite often indirectly through other bands we've heard.


We love Lau! They're traditional, but with a modern twist. Swirling tremolo and interesting effects on tunes like Horizontigo inspired the purchase of our Vox AC30! If you haven't seen them, buy tickets immediately.

Pop and Other Stuff

The Beatles

Their variety, songwriting and progressive nature make them a key influence. One of our favourite encore covers to play is I've Just Seen a Face, so look out for that!

Paul Simon

Graceland is one of our all-time-favourites. His alliterative lyrics and the fact that he brings in so many styles on top of his core songwriting has always inspired us. His songs take you on a journey!


When you take their music out of the "Britpop" context, it's the songwriting and long musical structures that stand up above their contemporaries. That and the add9 chords. Our brothers get along better though.

Zac Brown Band

Catchy songs that don't shy from progressive sounds, and a fucking awesome live show! Their judicious use of Hammond organ inspired us to use it on our new album.